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So the master of computing finally has a

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Business end

I’ve just created my business blog
It’ll be more about computers and internet thingies, whereas this one seems to be more about humans.
I wonder who’ll get the most posts?


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Steps to better meditation

1. Relax

I mean really relax. The sort of relax you do in a warm bath, with bubbles if you like. Learn to relax in day to day life too.
2. Be kind to yourself.
Everyone has good days, and not so good days. It all changes. Let go, and relax again.
3. Breath.
Very simple. Breath in, breath out, and relax again. Breathing lines you up, centers you, and sorts you out without having to do anything. When in doubt, breath in, breath out.
4. Be still
Be more still. Rest your attention on the stillest part of your body. Let that stillness still everything. How still can you be? And when you’re that still, can you be stiller.
5. Health
Eat well and be healthy. Stay away from alcohol, cigarettes, illegal drugs, and don’t eat meat. All these substances lower a persons vibrations, making it harder to be still and relax. Meditation reduces the need for these things anyway.
6. Find somewhere comfortable to sit.
Keep your back straight, and supported. Cross legged if you can. Just sit in a way that feels ok. Sit down in a way that if you stay still for a while, your body will be ok with it.
7. Time
Spend as little or as much time meditating as you like. Doing what works for you.
Change happens in an instant, and you can relax, and be still in the time it takes to breath in and out. Possibly less.
15 – 20 minutes a day starting out is a good way to get in to meditation, and enjoy it’s benefits,

So Enjoy!

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Pearl Jam at Carling Festival Leeds 2006

Working hard during the week I forgot that I had a ticket to see Pearl Jam and Placebo on Friday. I hadn’t even checked when/where it was. All I knew was that come friday, I was going to see Pearl Jam again. Would they be as good as canberra? Will they play all the new songs that I haven’t heard? Time would only tell.
I managed to find the venue details the night before and thankfully the bands I wanted to see weren’t until the evening, thank god!
I made it in to Leeds by the afternoon on my second attempt. After having to get off my bus after only 3 stops to run home and get my festival ticket ( you know that ‘I’ve forgotten something feeling’?)
After another long bus trip I made it to Carling, with hours to spare.
What to do?
I wandered and people watched of course!
Festival types aren’t your usual headrow types, there were dreads and wellies as far as the eye could see.
So I stuffed around getting wrist bands to swap for my ticket. Fare the well ticket, hello plastic wrist strap. Score.
At last, the main stage. Soon to be the holder of the great bands. But there was some kick arse metal coming from it. Slayer! Man they’re good. They’re old, but they’re still good.
And still singing about death. Which is even better that they’re older and closer too it.
After grabbing some refreshingly yummy vegetarian food, it was time to heard up to the stage for a good spot to see Placebo, and then Pearl Jam. I figured that if I hearded early, ( 3 hours ) I should get close to the stage for Pearl Jam…
The band was great, Placebo and Pearl Jam rocked. I moshed for about 3 hours at the front. Not by choice, but that’s where the crowd shoved me. When against so many people, it’s usually better to go with the flow. But after three hours I needed to make a surgical exit,
Caught the bus back to Leeds, and taxi’d home. I’d recommend Leeds Carling Festival to anyone!

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Stephen Colberts The Colbert Report

America’s a funny place. But more and more they’re looking at taking themselves too seriously.

Boring Boring Boring.

Thank god for Stephen Colbert.
The comedy genius who can sarcastically tell-it-like-it-is, get a great message across, and not bore or scare people away from the issues.
There’s so much going on in the US at the moment that many people have just switched off from all the ‘issues’. But Stephen’s show is reminding us that there’s still fun in fundamentalism.

And that’s the word

You can find a good collection of The Colbert Report on YouTube here

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The usefulness of NLP in meditation

Some of use have already discovered a range of useful tools to improve meditation.
Today, I’d like to write my first installment on nlp and meditation.
Alot of people believe that they need to ‘turn their minds off’.
Will if that ever works, let me know! And also let me know how they turned it back on again!!

So, it I can’t turn off my mind, what can I do?
NLP, Self Help and Hypnosis are two techniques for improving meditation, by helping you get more still, and sorting out some of those ‘I talk to myself too much’ or ‘I’m saying the wrong things to myself’ issues.
It’s alot to go in to here but basically hypnosis works with the day to day states of conciousness, and teaches the practitioner how to work with these states. And NLP is the fine collection of tools that show us how our environment changes, and how it changes us.
What we hear, say, and do. And when it’s done to us!

So, in conclusion,
check out some nlp or hypnosis if you want to be a better meditator,


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In response to: Link blog eh


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New version.
Well, we’re up to 1.8 beta.
Better anti spam so stay away spammers!

Lets see how this goes …


— Update —
It’s not 1.8 for real, no more beta for me!

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new banner

I’m actually starting to enjoy this blog stuff. So I’ve added a norway pic to the banner.
Still, no one actually reads this site as yet ‘cept me. But I’m having fun )

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More on scientology

After reading about scientology on wikipedia, and visiting a few other sites, I couldn’t help but post some links

Of course, I take no responsibility for information at these sites 🙂

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