Gambling, things to consider before your next bet.

Gambling's bad, m'kay?

1. A wining streak is something you have right before you lose.
2. If ancient tribes believed that angry gods make volcanoes punish us, and crops grow to reward us, then I’m sure Lady Luck IS smiling on you.
3. A losing streak is something you have while you are losing. Your luck might change, but since it’s hasn’t, you’re probably going to keep on losing.
4. The house always wins, you may win a battle, but they’ll win the war. That’s why casino’s have gold plated lobbies, and you need new carpet.
5. You are not special enough to win more than anyone else.
6. The lotto is a tax on the mathematically ignorant.
7. Stop spending your time fantasizing about what you’ll do with your winnings, and think how you might earn that money. You and your family will be better off.
8. If gambling is the best hobby you can come up with, your next hobby should be finding a better hobby.
9. Don’t drink and gamble. If you’re not supposed to be behind the wheel after drinking, why should you be behind an ATM? Both have so much to lose.
10. Only gamble as much as you can lose.
11. Never invest in gambling. You will lose.
12. If you can’t stop, don’t start.
13. Just like there are no free lunches, there is no such thing as a sure thing. If there was, then you wouldn’t be allowed to bet on it.
14. In this world there is always someone bigger, faster, stronger and smarter. And there’s a good chance that they saw you coming.

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