England Flag

Well, coming back to England in the middle of their winter is always tricky.
Step 1. Make sure I keep warm. It may seem like fun getting around in shorts and a t-shirt, but even running around like it isn’t cold dark and wet outside doesn’t keep the flu away for long.
Step 2. Try and eat something fresh. Just because the fruit and veggies look like they’ve been on a truck all the way since spain doesn’t mean that they haven’t traveled even longer. I found a batlow apple here once ( batlow apples are from Australia ). And if I thought I’d had a long flight.
Step 3. Keep active, once all the sunlight juice is out of my bones, I have to make a huge effort to stay active. I can’t be solar powered in this country. I have to run off sugar, and caffeine and other friendly foods.
Step 4. Just keep on pluggin’

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