Goin' home

The Road to Australia

Well it’s that time of year again and I’m headin’ back to good ol’ aus. The same time of year that makin’ lots of words end in a ‘.

I’ve got a good friend to mind my flat while I’m in australia http://www.jennykosmowsky.com. And all’s good.

Work have been generous enough to let me work while in australia which is very forward thinking of them. So cudos to Making Plans. ( They read this blog some times, so I have to say that! ).

I’ll also be best man at a wedding while I’m away. Max Fraser and Leanne Paonne are finally tying the knot. So good for them

and I hope I can do their wedding justice.

I’m looking forward to going home, seeing mum, dad, my brother and the cat, and everyone else. But I’ll also miss England. Even if it does have crappy weather and a piss poor cricket team. I’ve got good friends here too 🙂

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I got my first cooky comment from a stranger

Now that’s when you know your blog is getting out there to the masses.
With all the spam comments I found out that someone had taken the time to tell me all about cults
Cults of hope
But at least now I feel like my blog has been discovered, cause someone just a little bit crazy took the time to post. And as we all know about the internet. First come the crazies …

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Bev n Mario's wedding

While planning a wedding, I think everyone must think ‘why don’t we just have a small simple wedding?’

Bev and Mario at the photo shootAnd I think Bev and Mario thought that too.

But, after all the work, their big wedding turned out so well, food was great, venue was great, everyone was well looked after. It was good fun.
So cheers guys, I hope it was worth the all the work, and enjoy being married.


Bev Bev and Mario mario

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Farwell b2evolution

After much stuffing around I’ve finally gathered my toys ( and my posts ) and imported everything in to wordpress, and let me say that I’m happy here. However, the huge range of themes is leaving me with too much choice now

Lucky Balls

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Dealine Season

To many, christmas and the new year is all about holidays and family and pressies. But, for some reason, the period just before that is the most important time to ‘get things finished’.

Sands are running out

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Late night walks

City Scene

Walking through the centre of the city late last night I saw an attractive, but hard looking older woman smoking near the road, not doing much.
I walked past her and a man came up to her and asked? “How much?“
Just before walking out of earshot I heard her say “What do you want?“
Then I realised what was going on. It was a cold night to be standing outside, in the city, with so little on.

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In response to: Ah to be creative

hey Glenn! thanks for introducing me to websites industry. you know that i wouldn’t do it without your help!

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Stop the war protest in Manchester September 2006


Made it to the Stop the War Rally in Manchester on the weekend.
Caught the bus with my fellow protesters over from Leeds.
The whole event had a really great vibe, and it felt very good to think I was a part of something that may bring about change.
20,000 people the police said. Organizers said 50,000.
I guess somewhere in the middle


20,000 people marching in Manchester to stop the war ( and other things )
That’s me near the clock

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Ah to be creative


I’m always fasinated to see what ‘real’ artists can create. Especially when they have a mixture of digital and analogue abilities. At just seems so much more raw and interesting than programming sites. It’s like they have an abundance of creativity, just looking for an outlet. I’m priviledged to know Nina Kupsc, she seems to overflow with ability and energy to create.
And now she’s got this blog
Ninas Site

Look forward to reading it!

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In response to: Business end

Yeah, it started off as a test, but I’m actually starting to enjoy it

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