I got my first cooky comment from a stranger

Now that’s when you know your blog is getting out there to the masses.
With all the spam comments I found out that someone had taken the time to tell me all about cults
Cults of hope
But at least now I feel like my blog has been discovered, cause someone just a little bit crazy took the time to post. And as we all know about the internet. First come the crazies …

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4 Responses to I got my first cooky comment from a stranger

  1. Human NLP says:

    Very cool blog and great design

  2. Max F. says:

    I know a couple of Psychologists who could post to balance things out if you like…

  3. admin says:

    Psychologists? They sound a bit scary. How well do you know them?

  4. Charles says:

    You’ve been discovered again by a stranger from London.

    Nice brown snake.
    (oooOOoo, sounds a bit rude!)

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