Goin' home

The Road to Australia

Well it’s that time of year again and I’m headin’ back to good ol’ aus. The same time of year that makin’ lots of words end in a ‘.

I’ve got a good friend to mind my flat while I’m in australia http://www.jennykosmowsky.com. And all’s good.

Work have been generous enough to let me work while in australia which is very forward thinking of them. So cudos to Making Plans. ( They read this blog some times, so I have to say that! ).

I’ll also be best man at a wedding while I’m away. Max Fraser and Leanne Paonne are finally tying the knot. So good for them

and I hope I can do their wedding justice.

I’m looking forward to going home, seeing mum, dad, my brother and the cat, and everyone else. But I’ll also miss England. Even if it does have crappy weather and a piss poor cricket team. I’ve got good friends here too 🙂

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