The usefulness of NLP in meditation

Some of use have already discovered a range of useful tools to improve meditation.
Today, I’d like to write my first installment on nlp and meditation.
Alot of people believe that they need to ‘turn their minds off’.
Will if that ever works, let me know! And also let me know how they turned it back on again!!

So, it I can’t turn off my mind, what can I do?
NLP, Self Help and Hypnosis are two techniques for improving meditation, by helping you get more still, and sorting out some of those ‘I talk to myself too much’ or ‘I’m saying the wrong things to myself’ issues.
It’s alot to go in to here but basically hypnosis works with the day to day states of conciousness, and teaches the practitioner how to work with these states. And NLP is the fine collection of tools that show us how our environment changes, and how it changes us.
What we hear, say, and do. And when it’s done to us!

So, in conclusion,
check out some nlp or hypnosis if you want to be a better meditator,


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