Steps to better meditation

1. Relax

I mean really relax. The sort of relax you do in a warm bath, with bubbles if you like. Learn to relax in day to day life too.
2. Be kind to yourself.
Everyone has good days, and not so good days. It all changes. Let go, and relax again.
3. Breath.
Very simple. Breath in, breath out, and relax again. Breathing lines you up, centers you, and sorts you out without having to do anything. When in doubt, breath in, breath out.
4. Be still
Be more still. Rest your attention on the stillest part of your body. Let that stillness still everything. How still can you be? And when you’re that still, can you be stiller.
5. Health
Eat well and be healthy. Stay away from alcohol, cigarettes, illegal drugs, and don’t eat meat. All these substances lower a persons vibrations, making it harder to be still and relax. Meditation reduces the need for these things anyway.
6. Find somewhere comfortable to sit.
Keep your back straight, and supported. Cross legged if you can. Just sit in a way that feels ok. Sit down in a way that if you stay still for a while, your body will be ok with it.
7. Time
Spend as little or as much time meditating as you like. Doing what works for you.
Change happens in an instant, and you can relax, and be still in the time it takes to breath in and out. Possibly less.
15 – 20 minutes a day starting out is a good way to get in to meditation, and enjoy it’s benefits,

So Enjoy!

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