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How to make a really good chai tea

Firstly, the fresher and more organic the ingredients the better. But to start out you’ll need Ginger, and lots of it Cardamom – a fair bit too Cloves Cinnamon Fennel ( or Licorice ) Nutmeg And boil it all in a pot with filtered or just clean water, but the fewer chemicals the better for […]

Steps to better meditation

1. Relax I mean really relax. The sort of relax you do in a warm bath, with bubbles if you like. Learn to relax in day to day life too. 2. Be kind to yourself. Everyone has good days, and not so good days. It all changes. Let go, and relax again. 3. Breath. Very […]

The usefulness of NLP in meditation Intro Some of use have already discovered a range of useful tools to improve meditation. Today, I’d like to write my first installment on nlp and meditation. Alot of people believe that they need to ‘turn their minds off’. Will if that ever works, let me know! And also let me know how they […]

scientology/dianetics personality test Found this online. I’ve you’ve ever been tempted to do one of those scientology/dianetics tests, here it is. I can’t say if it is real, or the one they’re using now cause I’ve never done one, but it’s interesting reading nonetheless . [each question has a YES/MAYBE/NO box] 1. Do you make thoughtless remarks […]