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new banner

I’m actually starting to enjoy this blog stuff. So I’ve added a norway pic to the banner. Still, no one actually reads this site as yet ‘cept me. But I’m having fun buy viagra softorder viagra super activeorder cialis professionalorder … Continue reading

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More on scientology After reading about scientology on wikipedia, and visiting a few other sites, I couldn’t help but post some links Of course, I take no responsibility for information at these sites 🙂 buy cialis overnight delivery viagra money order

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scientology/dianetics personality test Found this online. I’ve you’ve ever been tempted to do one of those scientology/dianetics tests, here it is. I can’t say if it is real, or the one they’re using now cause I’ve never done one, but it’s interesting … Continue reading

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If anyone ever gets the chance, norway is a great place to visit. Especially in the summer cause they’ve got that cool midnight sun thing buy cialis online from canada order forms buy viagra

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poor france

Well, they lost. Shouldn’t be headbutting people now should we? I’m sorta suprised they didn’t surrender at first chance buy 10 mg cialis cheap viagra substitute

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Message to all glenn kelly's out there

Every time I do a search on me it’s glennkelly this and glennkelly that. Except I never did all those things. It upsets me that there are other glenn kelly’s out there. Especially ones that have access to the internet. … Continue reading

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English Football ( or soccer )

Well, after Englands attempt at the world cup I think it’s time for them to find a new national sport. Maybe, darts? What about knitting? The National English Knitting Team? I rains alot there, so maybe something with alot of … Continue reading

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