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Stop the war protest in Manchester September 2006 Made it to the Stop the War Rally in Manchester on the weekend. Caught the bus with my fellow protesters over from Leeds. The whole event had a really great vibe, and it felt very good to think I was a part of something that may bring about change. 20,000 people the police said. […]

Stephen Colberts The Colbert Report America’s a funny place. But more and more they’re looking at taking themselves too seriously. Terrorism Drugs Race Poverty Health Education Boring Boring Boring. Thank god for Stephen Colbert. The comedy genius who can sarcastically tell-it-like-it-is, get a great message across, and not bore or scare people away from the issues. There’s so much […]

More on scientology After reading about scientology on wikipedia, and visiting a few other sites, I couldn’t help but post some links Of course, I take no responsibility for information at these sites 🙂 buy cialis overnight delivery viagra money order

scientology/dianetics personality test Found this online. I’ve you’ve ever been tempted to do one of those scientology/dianetics tests, here it is. I can’t say if it is real, or the one they’re using now cause I’ve never done one, but it’s interesting reading nonetheless . [each question has a YES/MAYBE/NO box] 1. Do you make thoughtless remarks […]