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Well, coming back to England in the middle of their winter is always tricky. Step 1. Make sure I keep warm. It may seem like fun getting around in shorts and a t-shirt, but even running around like it isn’t cold dark and wet outside doesn’t keep the flu away for long. Step 2. Try […]

Back in Leeton

Ok, time for my annual post. Firstly, everything is becoming more like a city. Canberra has a centre that could be confused as a city centre at long last. I even got a little bit lost. Wagga has cafe’s everywhere. When I lived there 10 years ago it was all pubs, now it’s coffee. Even […]

Connected to the UK

I finally bought a TV and a TV license in England. It’s late at night and there’s a B grade horror on now. I feel connected to the rest of the country. buy cialis online from canada order forms buy viagra

Mr Tickles, the climbing brown snake

Driving back from the farm with my brother, in Forbes, country New South Wales the other day, my brother exclaimed “What was that?”. He put the car in to reverse, driving back through the dust from the gravel road. Then he pointed to what was on the barb wire fence. I needed a second look, […]

It finally rained in Leeton

Christmas Day, 2006. Leeton, NSW. The previously dry and dusty country town sees the biggest rains in living memory. But is it too little, too late? full movies onlinedownload movie makerdownload moviedownload lolicon moviesdownload latest moviesdownload ipod moviesfree one full moviesfree download old moviesdownload horror movies divxfree download moviedownload hd movies trailerview full length moviesdownload […]

Goin' home

Well it’s that time of year again and I’m headin’ back to good ol’ aus. The same time of year that makin’ lots of words end in a ‘. I’ve got a good friend to mind my flat while I’m in australia And all’s good. Work have been generous enough to let me work […]


If anyone ever gets the chance, norway is a great place to visit. Especially in the summer cause they’ve got that cool midnight sun thing buy cialis online from canada order forms buy viagra