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Truth – Internet Style

I’ve read quite a few books on philosophy, some on various religions and pondered it quite alot myself. But, after surfing the web quite a bit, reading alot of forums and hanging out on Digg, I think Truth can be defined thusly: Truth = (Any three lines of text * the number of posts in […]

New Look

Every now and then it’s fun to change to look of this site. So ‘ere tis. purchase generic cialisbuy sildenafil viagra

Farwell b2evolution

After much stuffing around I’ve finally gathered my toys ( and my posts ) and imported everything in to wordpress, and let me say that I’m happy here. However, the huge range of themes is leaving me with too much choice now buy 10 mg cialis cheap viagra substitute

In response to: Link blog eh



New version. Well, we’re up to 1.8 beta. Better anti spam so stay away spammers! Lets see how this goes … g — Update — It’s not 1.8 for real, no more beta for me! buy cialis overnight delivery viagra money order

new banner

I’m actually starting to enjoy this blog stuff. So I’ve added a norway pic to the banner. Still, no one actually reads this site as yet ‘cept me. But I’m having fun buy viagra softorder viagra super activeorder cialis professionalorder viagra professionalorder generic cialisbuy cialisorder viagraorder generic viagraorder arimidexorder cialis soft tabsorder cialis super activeorder […]

Message to all glenn kelly's out there

Every time I do a search on me it’s glennkelly this and glennkelly that. Except I never did all those things. It upsets me that there are other glenn kelly’s out there. Especially ones that have access to the internet. Being the rightful owner of my name ( I have proof ). I would ask […]

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging! purchase generic cialisbuy sildenafil viagra