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Good Tai Chi Reference Books

After being asked by a few people what some good Tai Chi reference books are I decieded to just put it in a post: T’ai Chi Ch’uan and Meditation – Da Liu. Excellent T’ai Chi Classics – Waysun Liao The Tao of Ch’i – Mark Dana, Mincolla – Good healing with Tai Chi reference. Tao […]

Astrology Vs Science or Cats are better than Dogs

This is a response to I once had an argument/discussion with some astronomer/physicists regarding Astrology. They were anti, I was pro. Not because I absolutely am, but I like a good argument like the next person. And it annoyed me, that being scientists, their opinions on Astrology weren’t evidence based, they just didn’t like or […]

Gambling, things to consider before your next bet.

1. A wining streak is something you have right before you lose. 2. If ancient tribes believed that angry gods make volcanoes punish us, and crops grow to reward us, then I’m sure Lady Luck IS smiling on you. 3. A losing streak is something you have while you are losing. Your luck might change, […]

Congratulations Sen. Barack Obama

Well done, you’ve got a lot of work to do. Phentermine Celexa Where Is Phentermine Health Phentermine Risk Adipex P Meridia Phentermine Order Phentermine Adipex Phentermine Chest Pain Phentermine 37.5 Order Medication Online Phentermine Sale Phentermine Capsule Pills Phentermine Hcl 37.5mg Tablets Doctor Information Medication Phentermine Phentermine Banner Phentermine 37.5 Pay Cod Generic Phentermine India […]

Sure, I'll buy that bank off you

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Widgets, Weather Images, And Javascript

I’ve had some fun messing around with Satellite Images and netvibes. Check it out here I’ve just done some fun stuff with some weather images. Check it out here buy cialis online from canada order forms buy viagra

Sad Day

One of the cats here just died. The neighbour found it, we had a knock on the door at midnight. Steph, the owner, had to identify it in a garbage bag with a torch. We’re burying little Echo tomorrow. It was a good cat, it will be missed. I wish I’d let it jump on […]

Use procrastination to avoid procrastination

Is it possible? To want to avoid one task, like packing for a holiday, so other tasks can be done? Like homework? I remember at uni the people with the cleanest rooms where the ones with an assignment coming up. Don’t want to study? Clean your room. I need to pack to move, but don’t […]

How to make a really good chai tea

Firstly, the fresher and more organic the ingredients the better. But to start out you’ll need Ginger, and lots of it Cardamom – a fair bit too Cloves Cinnamon Fennel ( or Licorice ) Nutmeg And boil it all in a pot with filtered or just clean water, but the fewer chemicals the better for […]

Now on Netvibes Universe …

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